Download Mafia Boss Mansion 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Mafia Boss Mansion 1.0

Features Include:
– Lifts to teleport between floors
– 4 Bedrooms
– Cinema
– Jacuzzi room
– Vault
– Gym
– Garage

Requirements: Map Editor and my objectlist and vehiclelist (included in download).

IMPORTANT – you need to use my Objectlist and Vehiclelist or several items and cars won’t appear.

Use Map Editor to load the mod:
Put the xml file in your main GTA folder where you have GTA5.exe located.
Replace your ObjectList.ini and VehicleList.ini with mine.
In game Press F7>Load>File Chooser>mafiahouse1.0/mafiahouse1.0a
You will automatically be teleported to the location.

There are 2 versions; one with people and one without.



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