If you’ve sunk hundreds of hours into Grand Theft Auto V then you know what a lifesaver mods can be. They not only breath new life into a tired old game but also they introduce new gameplay mechanics and concepts that you might not have ever considered being possible in a GTA game. A lot of this market is being consumed by Grand Theft Auto Online, easily one of the largest, most robust communities of gamers online right now. 

But for those PC gamers that prefer single player and not being online all the time, mods are the way to go and those that change your character’s appearance are among the most basic but also the most popular. In this article, we’re going to talk about Mai Shiranui Dead Or Alive 5 Add-On Ped GTA 5 which replaces the standard character model with none other than Fatal Fury’s own Mai Shiranui. We’ll let you know what the mod does, what we like about it, how easy it is to install, and whether or not we think it is right for you.

You might not be familiar with Mai Shiranui and that’s ok – you don’t really need to be. What you should know is that she is from SNK’s Fatal Fury series and that she’s a bit of an icon among video game gals. From her hair to her buxom bust, Mai Shiranui is distinguished by her extreme femininity more than anything else. The Mai Shiranui we get in this mod is the character model as she is depicted in the Dead Or Alive fighting game series from Tecmo, specifically Dead Or Alive 5. That game is also known for its busty ladies thus Mai’s inclusion in that series as a guest star is no surprise. 

The Mai Shiranui Dead Or Alive 5 Add-On PED GTA 5 mod is a fully assembled rig which means that everything from movement to outfits work on the model and make sense. Some janky character model replacement mods do a really bad job of this – especially when it comes to hair – but this one is really well done and Mai looks great. Aside from the cosmetic changes, there is nothing special about this mod in terms of changing the character avatar’s abilities. Mai is much like the standard character avatar except for way more beautiful. Her model is also fully compatible with the female outfits in the game and her hair works and isn’t stiff. 

In terms of installing the mod, it is super simple and quick with minimal fuss and presenting little to no problems for your installation. As for whether or not this mod is right for you, we think that fans of Dead Or Alive and Fatal Fury will find a lot to love but the rest of us might wonder what all of the fuss is about. There is one thing you certainly can’t deny and that is that Mai is certainly one pretty lady and a lot easier to look at than GTA V’s three main characters. 



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Link Download : https://files.gta5-mods.com/uploads/mai-shiranui-king-of-fighter/c0b190-Mai%20Shiranui%20V.rar