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If you are a fan of the famous King of Fighter series, you must have already been familiar with the name Mai Shiranui. This sexy yet super powerful girl is too much for you to handle, right? With this mod, your dream to see her in GTA V will become true. You won’t be disappointed as this is the most beautiful and perfect mods of Mai Shiranui you can find. Moreover, a special sexy Korean-style dress has been added to the mod so, try it out

Mai Shiranui Mod - 2

How To Install 

Recommend to mod :
– Install the OpenIV Applications
– Install the AddOnPed Applications

There are 3 sub-folders inside the file to help you install the mode, which is Kimono & Chinese Dress, Korean Style Custom and SNK Shiranui Mai.

Turn in the OpenIV app and go to the following link:


Choose edit mode and move 3 folders to OpenIV. Remember to select Edit Mode for the mod to work perfectly.

After moving all folders to OpenIV, open Addonped Editor and move to tab “Peds” and select “New Ped”. A sheet will appear and you just need to select these choices in the following order: Ped Model is “Mai”, Ped Type is “Female” and Is Streamded is “False”. After that, choose Add Ped. Do the same with the 2 others name but replace Ped model name to MaiT and MaiS.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the mod. When you are in the game, open the Menyoo trainer then press F8, choose Input Model and you could see a blackboard, write “Mai”, “MaiT”, “MaiS”. You have become Mai Shiranui now and just choose Random Ped Customize 

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Mai Shiranui Mod - 3

Mai Shiranui Mod - 4

Mai Shiranui Mod - 5

Mai Shiranui Mod - 6

Mai Shiranui Mod - 7


Enjoy it !

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1571218316