The content describes a mod called Male Pose 1.0 for a game called FiveM. It instructs users to place a file into their game’s folder and copy a code into another file. The mod allows for custom animations and credits someone named HisMelody. The file size of the mod is 3 MB.

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Male Pose 1.0

Male Pose 1.0

use AddonProps For Custom Animations

thx to struggleville for the huge help


Place the ycd file into your dpemotes stream folder

Then copy the code in the README’s bottom section into your AnimationList.lua



Download mod

File File size
3 MB

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1. Table Male Pose 2.0 Mod: This is an upgraded version of Table Male Pose 1.0 Mod, offering new poses and animations for male characters. It may have more advanced features or improved quality compared to its predecessor.

2. Female Pose Mod: While Table Male Pose 1.0 is specifically designed for male characters, the Female Pose Mod focuses on providing poses and animations for female characters. It caters to a different audience and allows for more diverse options in posing.

3. Furniture Pose Mod: This mod enhances the interaction between characters and furniture, allowing them to interact with tables, chairs, or other items in different poses. It provides a more immersive gaming experience when it comes to character positioning and environmental interaction.

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4. Action Pose Mod: Instead of solely focusing on static poses, this mod introduces dynamic and action-oriented poses for characters. It offers more options for combat, acrobatics, or dramatic scenes, allowing players to create visually appealing and intense moments within the game.

5. Emotes Mod: Rather than focusing on specific poses, this mod provides a range of emotes or expressions that characters can display. It adds emotional depth and communication options, enabling players to convey various moods or reactions during gameplay.

Overall, the comparison between Table Male Pose 1.0 Mod and similar mods depends on individual preferences and the specific requirements of the game. Different mods cater to different needs, offering a variety of poses, animations, and interactions to enhance the gaming experience.
Male Pose 1.0
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