This content is a guide for installing the Male Pose Pack #1 V1.0 mod for singleplayer use only. The installation process involves downloading and installing AddonProps and Favourite Animations, then dropping a .ycd file into the AddonProps folder and a Textfile into the Menyoostuff folder. The mod is credited to “-moses-” and is available for download with a size of 114 MB. The post is also tagged with “Animation”.

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Male Pose Pack #1 V1.0

Male Pose Pack #1 V1.0


How to install
1. install AddonProps
2. install Favourite Animations
3. Drop the .ycd file in to the AddonProps Folder (mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/addonprops/dlc.rpf/props.rpf)
4. Drop the Textfile into the Menyoostuff folder (menyoostuff/FavouriteAnims.xml)



Download mod

File File size
14 MB

Tagged Animation

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2. Quality: Check the quality of the poses in terms of animation smoothness, detail, and realism. Look for mods with high-quality animations and realistic poses.

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3. Compatibility: Consider the compatibility of the mod with your game version and other mods you may have installed. Check if the mod is compatible with your game and if it conflicts with any other mods you have installed.

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Male Pose Pack #1 V1.0
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