This post is about a male pose pack for Instagram-themed photos. The post mentions the need to read the readme file for instructions on adding the favoriteAnims.xml line. It also suggests using Jennie’s Custom Anims mod for installation and provides a link for instructions. For DPEMOTES users on FIVEM, the code for each animation is included in the readme file. The credits for the mod go to struggleville. The file size for the download is 15 MB. The post is tagged with “Animation.”

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Male Pose Pack #1

Male Pose Pack #1

Pack of instagram themed male poses.

Don’t forget to read the readme for the favoriteAnims.xml line. It’s necessary to add.

Install using Jennie’s Custom Anims mod. Get it here: How to add Custom Animations easily

Make sure you follow their guidelines on how to install that mod properly and how to install animations using it.

FOR DPEMOTES USERS ON FIVEM: The code for each anim is in the readme, save for the prop info.



Download mod

File File size
Male Instagram Style Pose Pack #1
15 MB

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Here is a comparison of Table Male Pose Pack #1 Mod with other 5 similar mods:

1. Female Pose Pack Mod: While Table Male Pose Pack #1 Mod focuses on male poses, the Female Pose Pack Mod offers a variety of poses specifically designed for female characters. This allows for more diverse posing options for players who prefer playing as female characters.

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2. Action Pose Mod: The Action Pose Mod differs from Table Male Pose Pack #1 Mod as it focuses on dynamic and action-oriented poses. It includes combat poses, running poses, and other physically engaging positions that are ideal for users who want to capture intense moments in their gameplay.

3. Couple Pose Pack Mod: If you want to depict romantic scenes or showcase the relationship between two characters, the Couple Pose Pack Mod is a great alternative. It provides a collection of poses specifically designed for two characters to interact with each other, such as hugging, leaning on one another, or holding hands.

4. Poses for Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) Mod: Unlike Table Male Pose Pack #1 Mod that is primarily created for player characters, the Poses for Non-Playable Characters Mod adds poses for NPCs. This is especially useful for modders or game developers who want to enhance the visual variety of their games by giving non-player characters more natural and believable postures.

5. Emote Mod: In contrast to Table Male Pose Pack #1 Mod, the Emote Mod adds a range of expressive emotes to the game. These emotes allow players to indicate specific emotions or reactions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, or surprise. This mod is particularly useful for role-playing or storytelling purposes, as it enhances the character’s overall communication and expression abilities.

Overall, while Table Male Pose Pack #1 Mod focuses on providing realistic and diverse poses for male characters, the mentioned mods offer alternative posing options for female characters, dynamic actions, couples, non-playable characters, and specific emotions. Depending on the specific needs and preferences of the players, each mod provides unique features to enhance gameplay experiences.
Male Pose Pack #1
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