This post is about a male pose pack for a game. The author provides instructions on how to download and install the custom animations. The animations are meant for single player use. The post also credits SapphireMods for the creation of the mod. The file size is 5MB.

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Male Pose Pack

Male Pose Pack

NOTE: All animation were created for SP use!

SP Installation
1. Download How to add Custom Animations easily
2. Drag the .ycd files in the provided folder
3. Add the animations to your FavouriteAnims.xml
-> Codes can be found in the README.txt



Download mod

File File size
Male Pose Pack
5 MB

1. Enhanced Male Body – This mod focuses on improving the body textures and physique of male characters. It adds more muscle definition, realistic skin textures, and better facial features. Unlike the Table Male Pose Pack, it doesn’t provide specific poses but enhances the overall appearance of male characters.

2. Male Animation Pack – This mod adds various animations and poses specifically designed for male characters. It includes combat animations, idle poses, and interactions with objects in the game world. The Male Animation Pack offers a wider range of animations compared to the Table Male Pose Pack, making it more versatile for gameplay purposes.

3. Male Hairstyle Overhaul – This mod aims to expand the available hairstyles for male characters in the game. It introduces new hair options, such as longer or more stylish haircuts, which allow players to customize the appearance of their male characters. While it doesn’t focus on posing like the Table Male Pose Pack, it complements character customization by providing more hairstyle choices.

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4. Male Armor Replacer – This mod replaces the default armor sets for male characters with more detailed and visually appealing designs. It enhances the armor aesthetics and offers a unique look for male characters. Although it doesn’t provide poses like the Table Male Pose Pack, it adds more diversity and customization options for male armor in the game.

5. Male Voice Overhaul – This mod replaces the original voice lines and dialogues for male characters with new voice recordings. It aims to improve the voice acting quality and bring more immersion to the male characters’ conversations. While it doesn’t affect poses or animations like the Table Male Pose Pack, it enhances the overall audio experience of the game.
Male Pose Pack
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