This content provides instructions on how to install Male Street Pose #1 V1.0, an addon mod for the game. The installation process requires installing AddonProps and Favourite Animations, and then placing the necessary files in the appropriate folders. The mod allows players to add a custom street pose for their male character. The content also provides credits to the creator of the mod and includes a download link for the mod file.

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Male Street Pose #1 V1.0

Male Street Pose #1 V1.0

How to install
1. install AddonProps
2. install Favourite Animations
3. Drop the .ycd file in to the AddonProps Folder (mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/addonprops/dlc.rpf/props.rpf)
4. Drop the Textfile into the Menyoostuff folder (menyoostuff/FavouriteAnims.xml)




Download mod

File File size
Custom Street Pose #1
3 MB

Tagged Animation

1) Male Street Pose #2 V1.0 Mod: This mod offers a different set of poses for male characters in street settings. While both mods focus on providing male poses, the second mod provides a unique set of poses that complement or can be used in conjunction with the poses in the first mod.

2) Male Action Pose Pack V1.2 Mod: Unlike Male Street Pose #1, this mod focuses on providing action-oriented poses for male characters. It includes poses such as combat stances, running, jumping, and other dynamic movements. This mod is more suitable for action-based gameplay or scenes.

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3) Male Casual Pose Variety V1.1 Mod: This mod offers a range of casual poses for male characters in various settings like parks, cafes, or homes. It aims to add authenticity and realism to everyday situations or social interactions in the game. It provides a different theme and ambiance than the street-focused poses in Male Street Pose #1.

4) Male Fashion Model Pose Pack V1.0 Mod: This mod is specifically designed to provide fashion-related poses for male characters, such as posing like a professional model on a runway or in a photoshoot. It offers a distinct style and aesthetic that caters to players interested in fashion or photography aspects within the game.

5) Male Yoga Pose Pack V1.2 Mod: This mod focuses on providing yoga poses designed for male characters. It aims to promote mindfulness, relaxation, and physical well-being within the game. It offers a unique and niche set of poses different from the street poses in Male Street Pose #1.

In summary, while Male Street Pose #1 V1.0 Mod focuses on male poses in street settings, the other similar mods mentioned above offer different themes and focuses such as action, casual, fashion, or yoga poses. Depending on the desired atmosphere or gameplay experience, players can choose the mod that best suits their needs.
Male Street Pose #1 V1.0
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