This content is a male street pose mod for a video game. The instructions are to install the addonprops and drop the .ycd file in a specific path. The mod also includes animation codes that need to be added to the game’s menyooStuff. The file size for the mod is 121 KB. It is created by Slimekay and is available for free download.

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Male Street Poses V1 1.0

Male Street Poses V1 1.0

Install addonprops
Drop the .ycd following this path > modsupdatex64dlcpacksaddonpropsdlc.rpfprops.rpf
Add the animation codes from the .txt to your menyooStuff > favouriteanims.xml > right click “Edit”



Download mod

File File size
Slime.ks Free Male Street Poses V1
21 KB

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Male Street Poses V1 1.0
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