Download Malibu house partyV(Menyoo) 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Malibu house partyV(Menyoo) 1.0

The hottest vacation spot in LS is here, party at the Malibu Villa on a wet Summer Located on the beach coastline, is a beautiful scenery map its high detail it includes many different scenarios, it is dynamic meaning animations change from time to time, depending on scenarios. Interiors have the party going too explore the house revealing multiple scenarios.for music Menyoo/misc options/self radio.
-Recording studio
-Interior interactions
– your own bar spot and more.
Credit goes to maps creator “bigshaqnoketchup” for the great villa.


Malibu mansion


Simply open object Spooner/manage saved files/ beach party/ load placements now you have two alternatives either go there manually for realism and load placements on the gate or either load and teleport right away.



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