Download Mansion Poseidon 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Mansion Poseidon 1.0

Here we have Mansion Poseidon created by 81M

Mansion Poseidon is one of three newly built modern mansions in the hills of los santos. With its curved design and individual appearance, the mansion stands out from the crowd!

The house features 4 detailed bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The house isnt finsihed yet and i will be adding more to it, Please note all feedback will be taken seriously and will appear in the design if it fits.

The house is one of three to be designed by 81M and each will have its own unquie design!

Any comments or ratings are much apprechiated! Please feel free to make videos and upload them to the page.

Making maps takes a long time so any small or large donations are also very much apprechated. Comments and donations give me the ambition to carry on making bigger and better maps for you guys!

Approx 1580 props in total
3 vehciles
No peds

To download you need the following

1) Latest ScriptHook V
2) Latest ScriptHook V .NET
3) OpenIV program
4) Latest Map Builder
5) Latest Map Editor
6) Unlock-all-objects version 1.0 (Needs to be 1.0 NOT 1.1)


To install follow these intructions

1) Place “Mansionoval” into your GTA main directory
2) Play GTA game
3) Whilst in game open Map Editor using F7 key
4) Go to load map and type “Mansionoval” (May take a upto 1 min to fully load due to props amount and PC specs)
5) Go to the area on the map where the mansion is located and ENJOY!


Guadmaz for creating Map Editor
OmegaKingMods for creating Map Builder

Download mod

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