Download Maverick AR 0.9 – Screenshots and Description:

Maverick AR 0.9

– Welcome to AJ’s Black Market –
~The one stop shop for all your untraceable and illegal firearm needs~

So looks like my contact in the FIB gave me the wrong order, fucking idiot. I asked for ARX’s and he sends me this weird ass rifle. I tracked it down and turns out it went to some “BossWithStyle” guy. I ain’t never seen any gun like this in my life. Might be some sort of prototype rifle, sure as hell looks alien to me. It has some of the cleanest irons I’ve seen on ANY gun, doubt you’ll need a scope, although the extra cash if you buy one can’t hurt a nice Black Market dealer like myself. I got a family to feed you know. There was a note along with the shipment – Something about this gun also being a sniper? I haven’t gotten around to figuring out the process but it came with this HUGE barrel and scope. You know what, with the versatility of this thing, I’m not even mad he messed the drop up.

[Need to fix Mag textures, once I do i will reupload with custom Mag]



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