Although the 9mm pistol has mediocre accuracy and damage, ammo is often very abundant, and with dual-wield the 9mm’s rate of fire is second only to the dual Ingrams. Early in Max Payne’s first two adventures in 2001 and 2003, the 9mm is his weapon of choice as other ammo types are scarce and the Ingram and shotgun are not as reliable in mid-to-long distance battles.

Max Payne 3 Glock mod developer by the name of Olanovs has developed a mod for GTA V only for those players who were fans of the Max Payne series.  The Max Payne 3 Glock comes with an extended magazine which is included as an attachment converted to GTA V in a fully animated state. The gun is optimized for and replaces the M9 inspired default pistol.

Playable Features:

This mod was specifically designed for Max Payne fans. Olanov has made quite a few changes to the original code and has provided the fans with a Max Payne Barrette or the Max Payne glock. Some of the key playable features of the Max Payne glock are:

  • The Iron sights have been moved further back to the rear. So the gun gives a look of the perfect Max Payne barrette.
  • The texture of the glock has been darkened. The gun gives a shade of black coal rather than the shade of graphite grey.
  • Smoke effect has also been added to the mod. Whenever the gun is fired, the smoke will release with every bullet.
  • Aiming has been made easier with an additional feature of the quick look. Whenever someone is trying to attack the character from the rear, the player can use quick look to change the camera view towards its attacker. 
  • The firing rounds have been increased from 12 rounds per magazine to 16 rounds per magazine which are identical to the Max Payne’s glock.
  • The Max Payne glock can change its firing style from single trigger shot to burst shot. The burst shot will fire 4 rounds per trigger.
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Player’s Experience:

According to many players, the Max Payne glock or the Max Payne Barrette is a nice addition to the GTA. This addition was long awaited. One of the key features which provide the best experience is the quick look. Whenever you are in a brawl or in a gun fight, if someone tries to attack you from behind than quick look will ease the aim by changing the camera view to the attacker and provide the player with a easiest aim. This mod has a lot of different playable features but the features which stand out the most are quick look and the smoke effect.


This mod had a lot of issues in the beginning because it replaced all the necessary files of the M9 which caused the game to crash but after waiting for the update for almost 3 months, Olanovs perfected the mod and gave the players a perfect mod.



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