Download Medium Hairstyle for MP Female 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

MP Female Medium Hairstyle by mokoo FiveM/SP ready 1.0

??MP Female Medium Hairstyle by mokoo FiveM/SP ready

??MP Female Medium Long Hairstyle bo mokoo, FiveM ready replacing hair

??How to install on FiveM
-drag, and drop downloaded files to stream folder in your server resources

??How to install on SP
-download OpenIV, turn on edit mode
-enable edit mode
-go to path: Grand Theft Auto
-drag files here:

1.1 Update: Smoother movement, updated rigging, added all 3LODS and changed vertex colours.



Clothes used in the photo
-Cute Loose Top by Dollie
-Gucci Pants by grzybeek

Download mod

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2 MB

rarMP Female Medium Length Hairstyle by moko FiveM SP

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