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Menyoo Map Pack

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Compilation of all of the original maps I’ve released thus far for the Menyoo PC trainer. All final versions, all in one place.

These maps will only load properly with Menyoo. You need the latest patch of the game and the latest version of Menyoo PC. These will not load correctly on pirated versions of the GTA V.

Maps included:
– Airship (Downtown)
– Beach Apartment
– Beach Apartment (No Pedestrians)
– Boxing Match
– “By the Book” House Party
– Celebrity Death Match (4 matches)
– Dynamic Plane Crashes #1 and 2
– Enhanced Office
– Frozen Lake
– Halloween Party
– John Cena
– Loft Apartment
– Mt Chiliad Stunt Jump
– Noah’s Ark
– Railgun Skeet Shooting
– Red Carpet from “Meltdown”
– Sandy Shores Party Yacht
– UFO Abduction
– Vagos Funeral
– Von Crastenburg Suites (3 variations)


To install, drag the files in the Spooner folder to [game directory]/MenyooStuff/Spooner.

In-game, start Menyoo and select Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files > [map name] > Load Placements.



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