Download Merryweather Mountain Fortress (Military Base) v1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Merryweather Mountain Fortress (Military Base) v1.0

This Military Base is located at the top of Mount Chiliad and the interior can be fully explored by the player. There are many rooms and hallways distributed on 3 levels. This base can be entered by multiple entrances. The
cable car can directly enter the base (Its now a part of it!).

The first video below was made by me and shows the whole map with no missing objects and all peds on it, check it out!

This map offers the following stuff:
Huge Military Base
The whole interior can be explored (3 Levels)
3 Helipads
Cable car part of the base!
For everything else, take a look at the pictures/videos!

The Merryweather Fortress is located at the top of Mt. Chiliad. There is a picture on this site wich shows the exact location.

1. Install the Map Editor by Guadmaz and make sure its the latest version and works correctly, this is very important!

2. Pick one of the following three .xml files and move it into your GTA main folder, or read the Readme.

MerryweatherFortressP.xml (1705 props, 105 peds (NPCs are your friends and do not attack you!)

MerryweatherFortressPA.xml (1705 props, 99 peds (NPCs are your enemys and attacking you at sight!)

MerryweatherFortressH.xml (1705 props, 0 peds (No Peds, most stable, recommended)

Whenever you see that an object is obviously missing, you know that your pc didnt load the whole map.



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