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Michael's Funeral 1.0

Hey guys!So this is my very first upload and I hope you will enjoy it. For the people who choose Option B at the ending,it will be nice to add a touch after the death of Michael De Santa and see what happens after his death.Go to the cemetery,find his grave and takes part of the funeral(or not);) Also I downloaded the Amanda and Tracey retextured mods by dionys19 and Vanya004 and as you can see in the screenshots,I put them,completely different.If you don’t have the mods,I don’t know if it will display them as they are naturally or if they won’t be displayed,if you have a problem with that,tell me in the comments and I’ll release a second version.Head over to the links below and install it,your choice! Have fun!

Better Amanda Townley by dionys19
Tracey Improved Clothes + Face by Vanya004

-Drag and Drop “michaelfuneral” into the GTAV main directory and you will be good to go.

ScriptHook V
ScriptHook V.NET
Map Editor
Map Builder (optional)



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