This content is about a reshade preset called Mirimmersion that the author has been using and decided to share with the GTA 5 community. It is designed to achieve a more realistic look in the game and works with or without the Natural Vision Evolved (NVE) mod. The author has made efforts to maintain consistent shades and lighting regardless of weather and time of day, but users may need to adjust the brightness settings based on personal preference. The preset includes fixes for overexposure, underexposure, and RGB color adjustments. Installation requires ReShade for GTAV.

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Mirimmersion – Realistic Reshade Preset V1.1

Mirimmersion - Realistic Reshade Preset V1.1

This is one of the favorite reshades I’ve made and used for the past year, and now decided to share with the gta5 community.
While its been made with NVE in mind it works both with it off and on.

I prefer to keep immersion while I’m playing so I decided to make this to achieve a more realistic look.
Ive done my best to try to keep the same shades and lights regardless of weather and time-of-day, but could use some personal tweaking in the gta brightness settings depending on user and preference. (I personally have my brightness at 30 percent)

– (optional) Natural Vision Evolved

– Install ReShade for GTAV.
– Drag and drop the .ini file into the GTAV directory.
– Done.

V.1.1 Update
– Fixed overexposure during sunny weather.
– Fixed underexposure inside buildings.
– Corrected RGB color adjustments.
– Overall made it more adaptable to vanilla.

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Mirimmersion – Realistic Reshade Preset V1.1
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