Thank you for downloading Mitsubishi Evo 9 MR (2006).
This mod uses Modkit id: 619

This model is LOCKED please do not try to reverse engineer the locking system and/or the models in this Add-On. Thank you.


Fully functional Evo 9 MR.
Spawns in Stock
Custom Tuning Parts.
Breakable Windows
Dirt Mapping.
Burn Mapping.
Working Dials.
Hands on Steering wheel.

Turn 10: Original model/Textures
13Stewartc: Conversion to GTA 5 with Tuning Parts and an Add-On.
TGI_J: Mod Screenshots

Version 1.0 Initial Release
Version 1.1 Fixed Windows/Glass Tinting. Added Roll Cage. Fixed
NOS not working.


1. Start OpenIV
2. Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks
3. Create a new folder called “stew_evo9mr”
4. Then drop the provided DLC.rpf file into that folder.
5. Then go to Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata and add “<Item>dlcpacks:stew_evo9mr</Item>” to the dlclist.xml
(make sure to activate edit mode otherwise you won’t be able to edit the code)

Spawn the Evo 9 MR via a mod menu with this spawn name: “evo9mr”

Please report any bugs you find to 13Stewartc on the mods page.



Installation Instructions in the .zip
Please report any bugs in the comments
Donations are always appreciated ?
Is there a part you want added ? Suggest it in the comments !

Link Download :

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