Download Mitsubishi FTO GP Version-R [ Add-On | LODs | Tuning | Template ] 1.2.5 – Screenshots and Description:

Mitsubishi FTO GP Version-R [ Add-On | LODs | Tuning | Template ] 1.2

Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R

Here is another underappreciated ’90s Japanese modern classic
I don’t know how it’s possible to hear this majestic V6 revv, to see the beautiful curves of the bodywork and to drive it and not fall in love with it.
I used to dislike FWD cars just like many of you but bit by bit, i start to appreciate them for what they are. FWD cars can forgive you so many things that an RWD car would kill you for.
But yet there is still room to grow and use their layout to your advantage.

===== 1.25 Fixes =====
– Steeringwheel no longer has dirt mapping
– Ralliart livery by ReNNie

===== 1.2 Fixes =====
– interior no longer gets dirty when the exterior is dirty
– Tweaked tire texture to be darker
– Dials now light up properly
– edited the dirtmap
– Added an alternative dirtmap by LukeDomenic (to use it, simply open the YTD archive and replace “fto dirt” with the supplied texture)
– Added 5 new twin exhausts
– New livery by me
and more minor fixes…

===== 1.1 Fixes =====
– When bumpers wobble, they don’t clip through the mesh anymore
– Now when pressing the headlight button again – you turn on the high beams and foglights
– Rear window now breaks properly
– First person camera is now lower and it gets even lower when you install a rollcage
– The whole vehicle was lowered

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– Supports all the game’s features (including good forza4 LODs!)
– Tuning parts (~80)
– paintable interior
– Shaking exhaust
– livery support


Original model and editing: ForzaWanted188Juiced2
Converting: Wanted188

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7zMitsubishi FTO GP Version R by Wanted188 v1_25

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