Mjolnir Hammer Of Thor Features:
- Increased handle size
- Added correct chrome plating/patterns at bottom of handle
- Re positioned chrome rings, now have 10 and replicated movie layout
- Exact replica of Mjolnir used in [email protected] Ragnarok

- Improved textures
- Improved 3D model
- Better UVmapping
- Resized to scale
- New collision model




1) Open OpenIV

2) Navigate to:


3) Replace both OR Rename the original files:

I.E "w_me_hammer - ORIGINAL.ydr" and "w_me_hammer - ORIGINAL.ydt"

4) Drag the files from the download in to OpenIV

5) Save and Close

6) Select Hammer in game.

Video Demo Mjolnir Hammer Of Thor - Final

Download Links:

Mjolnir Hammer Of Thor - Final :  https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1564852711