Download [MLO] Family home of the Black dynasty (Rockford Hills Rich House Interior) 1 – Screenshots and Description:

[MLO] Family home of the Black dynasty (Rockford Hills Rich House Interior) 1

A great addition for player interaction.
Looking for a new place that no one else has? Here’s your option!
An incredible building filled with many luxurious rooms where you can have fun and have unforgettable parties with your friends.
Wealth and luxury await you inside your home!
The beautiful interior [MLO] for richest people in Los Santos for your server.

Short story:
The house was made to me personally by order on October 19 (for my character on the RP project), but it is still unfinished. Artist(Freedmanh) has repeatedly promised to “finish next week”, but as we can see, this habit has remained and now he promises not only to me. Later, as it turned out, he calmly switched to other projects, putting the current one in to put on hold.
Also, quite by chance, I found out that he was selling this house without my knowledge at a low price (Unlike the one for which I ordered).
Draw your own conclusions, I provide open access to this house, I hope it will be a great addition to your RP project.

There 2 folders: FiveM MLO and SP MLO. The first is suitable for the FiveM client, the second is for the Single Player and RAGE client



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