Download [MLO] Port Garage SP/FiveM 1.0 [SP/FiveM] – Screenshots and Description:

[MLO] Port Garage SP/FiveM 1.0 [SP/FiveM]

Small tuner garage located in Elysian Island for all your local tuner needs. Born out of necessity, the garage is remote enough from the bustle of the city centre to do rowdy tests in a discrete industrial setting with extremely low traffic volumes.

The design is highly inspired by small private JDM garages where space is precious. Everything is packed with tools, gear, parts and a small space for relaxing while admiring your hard work. The garage will fit four cars comfortably, but a skilled driver/mechanic will be able to squeeze in seven or eight! There is a small office room to discuss vehicular matters, as well as a small bedroom for those massive projects that require a short time frame, as well as a space to work on the matter of armoured self defence.

NOTE FOR SP USERS: Use as little scripts as possible for this interior to work properly.

Install as a regular /dlc for SP, FiveM server developers should know how to. Don’t come asking for help.






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