Download Mod Toggler [To quickly disable and enable mods] v2-1 – Screenshots and Description:

Mod Toggler [To quickly disable and enable mods] v2-1

How it Works:

Mod toggler looks at 2 directories, your game’s and your mod folder’s.
When toggling mods on, all it does is copy the files, folders and files in the folders from the mod folder to the game folder.
When toggling mods off, it looks at the names of all the files in your mods folder and if they exist in the game folder, it deletes them from the game folder.

So that makes it very versatile, the problem comes when you need to keep parts of a file, mod toggler can’t distinguish the difference between a modded game file and the original game file. So when toggling mods off you would need to get a fresh copy of the original game file, as it would delete that file (only in this case and if you don’t want to get banned online)



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