The best, cheapest way to add new life to an old game? If you own it on a PC, then you can download a mod and experience a whole new side to a game you’ve practically worn out. That’s a lot of the ongoing popularity behind Grand Theft Auto V and the mods are not only diverse and eclectic but some of the most well made out on the Internet.

Today, we’re going to talk about a really cool mod that takes an iconic character from the Dead Or Alive series and transported her into Grand Theft Auto V’s single-player mode. 

Her name is Momiji and she is the star of the Momiji Dead Or Alive 5 Add-On Ped GTA 5. This is a basic model replacement that gives the player the option to play as Momiji or make her a pedestrian model. In this article, we’re going to talk about what makes the Momiji Dead Or Alive 5 mod for GTA 5 a must-download piece of kit for anyone that loves both GTA and DOA. After that, we’ll tell you whether or not you should download it and what that experience is like. 

To begin, Momiji is from the Dead Or Alive series and is noted for her martial arts abilities. None of that makes it over here but we do get her beautiful character model so that’s something. 

How the mod works is that Momiji becomes a standard model replacement in GTA 5 for both pedestrians and the main characters. This is a full-frame rig which means that the Momiji model will interact appropriately with the GTA 5 world and her animations will correspond to her actions. In addition, it means that clothing etc. looks natural and Momiji looks like she belongs in the world. 

Nothing would make for a funnier – or more tragic – modding experience than a pedestrian character model that walked backwards or twisted its head the wrong way. Overall, the Momiji mod is well made and robust in terms of presentation. The only complaint we can see is that Dead Or Alive fans might be disappointed she doesn’t come with her trademark butt-kicking skills. This is an appearance modification only and you need to keep that in mind before downloading it. 

As for the installation process, it couldn’t be easier. Often that is a concern for some gamers but that need not stop you from downloading this mod. It is stable and shouldn’t cause any problems. That said, it is always safe to keep a backup of any files that are valuable to you and things along those lines. Should you download it? If you love Dead Or Alive’s Momiji or you like pretty female character models, we think you should definitely give it a go. The mod doesn’t dramatically change the game in a substantial way and is really just a cosmetic addition. Even so, it is well made, fully realized, and compatible with the game world for which it was designed. 



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