Download More Bus Stops Mod [MapEditor | Menyoo] 0.1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

More Bus Stops Mod [MapEditor | Menyoo] 0.1.0

Thanks for downloading the More Bus Stops Mod, you will find everything you need to install the mod in the readme file.

Ah and I wanted to tell you, don’t pay attention to the pictures on the site, these are old pictures because they are the only ones that do not exceed the maximum data limit so if you want to see the entire screenshots of the mod, download it !

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– Add 5 bus stops

0.1.0 (last version):

– The bus stops have been correctly replaced.
– Added new bus stops.
– Misplaced stops (on land or in void) or was deleted.
– Misplaced bus stops have been adjusted.
– Removed vehicles that could spawn when you run the mod (old version error).



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