Download Moving target tracker V1.2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Moving target tracker V1.2.0

Utilizes a new version of VCommonFunctions. No new functions in MovingTargetTracker but the old version could lead to compatibility issues with my VAutodrive mod. Both have references to VCommonFunctions.

MovingTargetTracker lets you automatically (AI driven) escort or chase other vehicles while they drive or fly. It works with cars, bikes, boats and even helicopters.

Installation instructions in the guide.

MovingTargetTracker is an experimental project which resides on my drive for quite a while now. I have never implemented it into VAutodrive for personal reasons and it wasn’t even my intention to make it public but due to popular demand, I did it anyway.
Important Note: As this is an experimental release. I will not take feature requests or complaints! So take it or leave it.



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