This content is a description of a mod called Musti’s Euphoria 1.0, which is a ragdoll euphoria mod for the game Grand Theft Auto 5. The mod is in beta, so the creator encourages users to provide feedback. Unlike other euphoria mods, this mod features realistic stumbling and falling animations for the pedestrians, as well as a unique feature where pedestrians hold the place they were shot. The installation requires script hookv, openiv, and a brain. The mod was created by Mustafa Bagci, and the file size is 81 KB.

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Musti’s euphoria 1.0

Musti's euphoria 1.0

This is a ragdoll euphoria (recommended) its in beta so add ur feed backs down below in the description

this mod is unique from the other gta 5 euphoria mods bc this mod makes the ped stumble, fall in a realistic way and when they get shot they will hold the place they got shot for example *shoots leg* they will put their hand there u can check how it works on the 2 vids i posted

script hookv, openiv, and a brain
installation: go to openiv and make sure u have all the asi manager installed then go to package installer and click on the oiv file in the folder then have fun!


Mustafa Bagci

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File File size
mustis euphoria ragdoll
81 KB

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While I apologize for not being able to provide a direct comparison with specific mods, I can provide you with information regarding the features and qualities of Table Musti’s euphoria 1.0 mod. Based on this, you can compare it with other similar mods available.

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Table Musti’s euphoria 1.0 mod is known to enhance the euphoria physics engine in certain games. This mod aims to improve the realism of character animations, including reactions to various in-game events like hits, falls, or impacts. It may also provide more natural movements and collisions between characters.

To compare it with other mods, you can consider the following factors:

1. Features: Check the features and enhancements offered by the other mods you are comparing. Look for specific improvements or additions in the physics engine, character animations, collision detection, etc. Compare these features with what Table Musti’s euphoria 1.0 mod boasts.

2. Game Compatibility: Ensure that the mod you are comparing is compatible with the game(s) you intend to use it with. Some mods may have specific game compatibility limitations or may be limited to specific versions of the game.

3. User Reviews and Ratings: Search for user reviews and ratings for both Table Musti’s euphoria 1.0 mod and the other mods you are researching. Look for feedback on how well they perform, their stability, and whether they meet users’ expectations.

4. Developer Support: Consider the level of support provided by the mod’s developer. Check if updates or bug fixes are regularly released, and if there is an active community or forum where users can seek assistance or share their experiences.

5. Customizability: Evaluate the customization options offered by the mod. Some mods may allow users to fine-tune various parameters, providing more control and customization options compared to others.

By thoroughly comparing these factors, you can make an informed decision about which mod will be the best fit for your specific requirements and preferences.
Musti’s euphoria 1.0
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