Download Native Trainer w/ North Yankton loader 1.3.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Native Trainer w/ North Yankton loader 1.3.1

(Requires GTA V Scripthook and ASI loader)

Changelog for 1.3.1: Fixed a bug in 1.3 involving a menu.
Changelog for 1.3: Mod now loads a more wide variety of models, including LODs.
Changelog for 1.2: Attached the mod’s source code to the download.
Changelog for 1.1: Added North Yankton Teleporter.

Designed with the GTA V Scripthook SDK, this is an edited version of the Native Trainer with a sub menu to load the North Yankton terrain.

To install, simply extract NativeTrainer.asi to your GTA V root folder, replacing the existing file.

Once ingame, press F4 to open the trainer screen and use the Numpad keys to scroll and select the North Yankton menu, and then press ‘Load’ to load the map. The North Yankton map will appear, floating, in the Southeast corner of Los Santos.

You can teleport to North Yankton through the trainer’s Teleport menu, but make sure to load the North Yankton terrain before you teleport.

The North Yankton terrain will disappear if you load a save file.

To use the included source code, simply copy the ‘inc’ and ‘samples’ folder into an existing installation of the Scripthook SDK and replace files when prompted.

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