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Native Workbench 1.0

Native Workbench v1.0.0

Native Workbench will allow you to write code and see the results in-game instantly.
Native Workbench combines, native lookup, native to C# syntax code generation, highlight and run,
and real time variable watching all in one app.


Extract both NativeWorkbench.dll and NativeWorkbench.ini into the scripts folder. ScriptHookVDotNet.asi is required in the game folder. ScriptHookVDotNet.dll if you are building the source project


Since Native Workbench uses a standalone window, you need to be able to Alt-tab between it and the game.
To be able to do this smoothly, go into game SETTINGS -> Graphics -> Screen Type. Select “Windowed Borderless”. Also set “Pause Game On Focus Lost” to Off. Under Audio, set Mute Audio On Focus Loss -> Off
This will avoid both the video and audio context switch so that you will be able to give focus to the
Native Workbench window while still keeping the game actively running. Once Native Workbench is launched, you can click back to the game
and Native Workbench will stay running. Native Workbench auto launches, but can be minimized/restored.
If you close the Native Workbench window, you will have to press the insert key to reload it.
It tries to stay a top level window, but you may have to click the ontick checkbox the very first time to get it to stay on top.


Key features are explained in the intro video. There are 10 slots available for each of the following data types:
bool int string Model Entity Ped Vehicle Camera float long Prop Vector3
See the part II video for how to use. Ped, ped, Player, player are are predefined for your use.

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Clear Area – wipes all peds and cars
Clear Map – Unloads all IDLs. Creepy.
Fly Mode – lets you use mouse and standard move keys to fly and clip to any point

Source code

Source code is included as a buildable VS 2013 .net project, so you can be confident that you are running a malware-free tool.
All code used in the tutorials and more are included in Snippets.cs
Please email me directly [email protected] should you encounter a crash or hang.


Thanks go to Guadmaz for the clever use of the gameplay camera as a quick way to move character to any point with no clip As always special thanks to Alexander Blade and the OpenIV team for giving us the ability to do all of this.

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