Natural Vision Evolved Download for GTA 5 Mods

Category – GTA V other mods

Version Game – 1.47+
Credits: – Razed


NaturalVision Evolved – is a graphics mod that is under development, which is currently in an early stage of access. Numerous changes have been made to environmental weather conditions, lighting system, ambient colors, tonal mapping, world textures, building models, and more to blur the line between fantasy and reality.


– Added parallaxing to the Richards Majestic Studio / Backlot City area
– Improved parallaxing at the Vinewood Cemetery
– Improved billboard and light flickering issues around the Vinewood area
– Reduced the intensity of volumetric lights outside the warehouse used in the “By the Book” mission
– Added a new ‘Max Intensity’ setting for the ‘Brighter Emergency Lights’ add-on in the FiveM Pack
– Added the PROCOBJ_NETWORK_GAME flag to each item witin procedural.meta in order to prevent multiplayer bugs
– Improved sharpening and dithering effect in ENB
– Added Depth Mask green screen effect to ENB
– Added Letterboxing, Film Grain and Bleach Bypass effect to ENB
– Improved ENB performance in Medium and Low presets


Tested on game version 1.47+

– Highly ambitious project
– In development for more than one year
– Multiple developers with different roles
– Lighting and weathers completely reworked
– Improved rain visibility and transparency under light sources
– Improved lightning strike intensity
– Improved volumetric light radius at the lighthouse in Blaine County
– Added new textures with parallaxing to Franklin’s house in Vinewood Hills


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