Download New Game Models with Collision 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

New Game Models with Collision 1.0

Do you want to create a realistic map like Rockstar did. No Problem use these models and create the map which you want.
Available with Different Textures and the most important Collision So, that you can create awesome maps and stay there without raining inside.

– All models come with textures so you do not need to worry for textures
– Each model has it’s own collision
– Collision includes wide range of game world items
– Projectiles will bounce back if thrown or fired at them only exception being Sticky Grenade and Proximity Mines
– You can use these models to take cover
– Rain & Snow will not fall from model
– Various Shapes and Sizes
– Almost each model has its own lod distance though some may have same lods

Installation Instructions included in readme file

Note: Use Mods folder for installation and Do not use this mode in GTA Online. Rockstar will not like it and will cause you to get banned from playing online
Tested on GTA V version:– 1.0.1868.0 ( Older Version may or may not support this mod)


Author: LSPD Police
Program Used: Autodesk 3Ds max 2018, Gims Evo, YTYP Generator, Open IV
Textures From: Google
Textures Edited Using: GIMP

Skylumz for his YTYP Generator
Open IV team
Tobiii for his awesome tutorials on these topics