Download Noclip [LUA] 1.4 – Screenshots and Description:

Noclip [LUA] 1.4

-Fixed a lua error that would cause Controller Mode to not function
-Made it so the H key no longer toggles noclip unless the player is in Controller Mode. (D-Pad right and the H key share the same key values)
-Sorry guys, I’ve just been busy with life so I couldn’t really update a whole lot. More updates will likely come in the future.

It’s a little bit different than the .ASI noclip, but I plan to update the script with multiple different modes for noclip, configurable speeds, compatability with vehicles, and much more, so stay tuned.

Install Instructions:
1.Make sure you have the most up-to-date Luascript plugin for Scripthook
2. Download this file
3. Put the noclip v14 file in your steamappscommonGrand Theft Auto Vscriptsaddins folder.

Beta controller controls:
Toggle Noclip: Right D-pad, only works when Controller Mode has been enabled with the N key.
Ascend: L1
Descend: R1
Adjust Speeds: J to add speed, K to remove speed, for now.

PC Controls:
Toggle Noclip: N, Hold N for about a second to toggle modes between Controller mode and M+Keyboard mode. In Controller Mode, H works as well.
Ascend: Left Shift
Descend: Left Control
Adjust Speeds: J to add speed, K to remove speed.



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