NoCrash Game(Gta 5 crash fix) to Add-on /Replace vehicles NEW 1.0.877.1 mod for GTA V and its features:

So, we already know that there are thousands of mods available that can make our GTA V experience a lot happier and we can go to the places that we can only dream in the official version of the game. The same thing goes for cars as well. Although there are numerous cars available in GTA V still we have a huge range of DLC and add-on cars which we can save in our safe houses. There are many complaints from the gamers that after they have added new cars their game start to crash on many occasions.

There was a certain limit and if you add more cars, the game started to behave abnormally and all the pleasant experience goes to the gutter. The error sometimes gets on the nerves of the gamers as they were not able to start the game altogether. Whenever they start the game, it never gets passed the loading screen and after few seconds it crashes. So, gamers were disappointed that they cannot drive their favorite vehicles in GTA V. To fix that, developers made Nocrash game to add-on vehicles mod to fix the bugs and errors and stop the game from crashing abruptly. 

How to install:

To install this mod you need to follow some steps that are:

  • Download OpenIV and also download the latest version of the mod so, it can deal with the bugs and issues properly.
  • Copy the “gameconfig” file to the folder data. To access the data folder you need to go through the update, then update.rpf, then common, and finally data.
  • If you have copied the correct file then the glitches would have been resolved and you won’t be seeing any more sudden crashes.

After you have installed the Nocrash Game to add on vehicles mod, you will notice that no matter how many vehicles you add or replace, your game never crash like it used to do before. The developers adhered to the basics of providing smooth gaming rather than the gamers cursing the mods that are forcing the gaming to crash.

There are unlimited vehicles available that can be added or stored in the game with the help of different mods like cars-mod but gamers were reluctant because of the crashing issues. However, with Nocrash mod, every player can add their favorite vehicles without having to worry about the limit or crashing and enjoy the smooth gaming as they wanted. So, if you have stopped adding your favorite collection to the game because of the crashing issue, then you can get back on the game and install this mod. After that, you will be driving around Los Santos in your favorite supercars.

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