Download [NON-ELS] 2020 Tahoe – B&B – Valor – Screenshots and Description:

[NON-ELS] 2020 Tahoe - B&B - Valor

I will be bringing out a free pack sometime here soon so be sure to check out the discord to see it being made!

Extra 1: Lightbar
Extra 2: Visor Bar
Extra 3: Rear Dominator Bar
Extra 4: Rambar
Extra 5: Wrap Around
Extra 6: Trunk Lights
Extra 7: Side Runners
Extra 8: Rotatable Spotlight
Extra 9: Passenger Spotlight
Extra 10: Grill Lights
Extra 11: ALPRs
Extra 12: Rear Window lights

2 Wobbly Antennas
Trunk Equipment
Polycarbonate Window Protectors



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30 MB