This 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit vehicle is great for a wide variety of things, You can chase people in pursuits, Respond quickly to calls and also just use it to patrol in!


***Installation Path***
Just grab the Charger file and throw it in your “Resources” file and start the file name in your server.cfg
Installation for ADD-ON in Single Player included on the downloaded file!

***Extra List***
Extra 1: Whelen Legacy Lightbar
Extra 2: Rear Lower Deck Light
Extra 3: Rambar
Extra 4: Wrap Around
Extra 5: Visorbar
Extra 6: Lower Dash Light
Extra 7: Antennas and ALRP on boot
Extra 8: Partition and Console
Extra 9: Pulled in spotlight
Extra 10: Roof Antennas
Extra 11: Workable Spot Light

Model: Peralta
Whelen Legacy: BXBugs / Private
Whelen Lower Edge: UNKNOWN
Whelen Ions: BXBugs
General Linear Light Package: Beuneo
General Dash Light: Beuneo
Side Runners: Raptor2000




Hope you like and share it 🙂

Link Download :