Download NOOSE Baze [Map Editor] 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

NOOSE Baze [Map Editor] 1.0

Hello everyone. Today I will upload my first map to the Map Editor. Everything was completely created by me. There are many police cars on this base, 1 helicopter – Maverick, 2 helicopter – Annihilator, and a combat Buzzard (But he spawns there himself). So, on the basis of about 50 police officers, each has its own animation. Some are talking, others are smoking, others are guarding, in short, everyone is busy with their own business. Each police officer has his own weapon. I forgot to say – the police are completely normal (they can react to random chases) do not shoot at the special forces. If the player has stars, they also react to them. 1 minus as for me is the absence of special forces on the territory (only policemen). If you want to offer or say something, then write in the comments.

[How to download]: You need a Map Editor to download the map! (Find it on the same site with mods) (1 step.) Download the archive (Step 2.) Place the (NOOSE Baze1.xml) file in a convenient place for you (Better create a Maps folder for convenience, and place the file there) (3 step.) Launch GTA V, open Map Editor, Click: File Selector. Find the Maps folder and download the map. The map is located at the Base NOOSE (Southeast of the map)

2.0 An update has been released, added trees and lanterns to illuminate the road