Yep, another NOOSE pack from me 

This time I bring you the NOOSE TRU vehicle pack with a variety of different vehicles that mostly suits the pain in the ass they are when you hit 4 star wanted level. The design is mainly mine, I took some inspiration from the regular NOOSE vehicles and also a bit from CriticalBrit’s NOOSE Livery Pack which I found searching GOOGLE Images to check if someone had made something similar. I decided to use some good old models we are all familiar with such as the Buffalo and the Stanier. It ain’t the best thing you are gonna see in this website, but it’s a good and simple work. Hope you all enjoy it and add it to your dispatch.meta 


This Mod contains:
5 NOOSE TRU Vehicles:
-Bravado Buffalo
-Vapid Stanier
-Declasse Granger
-Brute Riot
-Brute Stockade

Know issue:
-The Brute Riot has some sort of problem with the windows, some of them might not show, I’m looking into it


-Copy the extracted folder into your dlcpacks folder and add “noosetru” in your dlclist.xml using OPENIV



Enjoy 🙂

Link Download :