Download Offshore Boat Race [Menyoo] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Offshore Boat Race [Menyoo] 1.0

The San Andreas Boating Association (SABA) invites you to our annual endurance boat race around the San Andreas Island Continent. This is a long and dangerous off-shore race. Racers have died in the past. Some were lost at sea never to be found again.

Race format

You first start at the Marina where you pick any of the boats you want. Some are faster some are slower. Some have been modified to be real speed demons.
You then drive up the canal to the open ocean. Then turn right towards the pier.
SABA has rented 2 barges that are parked in front of the pier. Each has a large tower which can be seen from a long distance.
Your opponents are lined up on the start line waiting for the race to start.
There’s a 2 minute delay before the start of the race from the moment you spawn.
As you wait on the start line you will see a special red bouy outfitted with a high pressure water pump. It’ll spew water up in the air so you can easily see it.
Next, some fireworks are are launched from the bouy and the water pump will shut off. This is the final 10 second warning.
Then a flare will be launched from the bouy signaling the start of the race.


You drive your boat in the open ocean in a clockwise manner around the Island Continent of San Adreas.
On your radar you will see numbered green bouys. drive around them in order. More or less.
As you drive around look on the horizon for green navigation bouys. These are your waypoints.
The final leg will take you back to the start/finish line.


– Beach babe on a seashark (jetski). This lady is crazy. She drives fast and reckless with no fear. She usually leads the race for a long time.
– Beach babe’s ex-boyfriend on a supercharged seashark (jetski). He drives fast too but he’s not as reckless as his girlfriend
– Coast guard in a Dinghy (Zodiac). He’s a fast and very skilled boater. Usually runs at the front of the pack.
– Tracy in a Suntrap. Daddy bought her a boat and she had her boyfriend, at the time, modify the engine. This thing is pretty quick
– Amanda in a Tropic. This was the older family boat before Michael upgraded to a Yacht. Amanda likes to drive this boat fast.
– Bond girl in a Toro. This lady has class. And her twin V12 engines are heavily modified. It’s an older boat with spy equipment and a bit slower by modern standards, but she can surprise you with sudden bursts of speed.
– 007 (Jams Bond) driving a Squalo which is a more recent version of his Q Branch Glastron CV23HT from Moonraker.
– Some rich guy in a Jetmax. This is a very fast boat and often wins these races. Do not underestimate this guy.
– Some fat guy in a speeder. He can keep up with most but he’s more comfortable with calm seas.


Once you’ve installed Menyoo you’ll have a “Menyoostuff” folder in your game directory.
Go to that, then drop the xml files in your Spooner folder.

Start the Race

Go to
Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files >BoatRace.xml
Check “start tasks”
Load placements.

Once spawned, just pick a boat in the Marina directly ahead of you, exit the marina and turn right towards the Pier.


V 1.0 – Initial release



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