Download OIV Vehicle Template 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

OIV Vehicle Template 2.0

I got tired of manually installing my DLC Packs after making mass changes to the files within so I decided to make an OIV template. This can be used to make vehicle mods without having to edit every file to make an installer, it is all done for you.

1.0 will contain vanilla files unmodified. Future versions will include fixes to various numbers making it easier to mass change numbers.
For Example
“128.000000” Is Changed To “120.000000”
“120.123456” Is Changed To “120.000000”
“120.00” Is Changed To “120.000000”

2.0 Includes changes to fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel

Step One – Unzip the archive
Step Two – Use windows search all
Step Three – Use Notepad PlusPlus to mass edit the files
Step Four – Change the Icon and Meta data inside assembly.xml
Step Five – Re Zip the folder

Made using gta 5 version 1.0.1868.1
Current files included are
– carcols.meta
– carvariations.meta
– handling.meta
– vehicles.meta

This mod is free to be changed and modified as needed.



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