Download Old Time Compass minimap 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Old Time Compass minimap 1.0

Here’s a working Compass. It changes the minimap to round or oval shape, (choose your preference) also choose full color or semi-transparent.

Compass maintains heading North when Player and camera are used to navigate.

Coded in Lua for Open Source.
Installs with OpenIV.


Use OpenIV.
Navigate to:
Place frontend.xml
Navigate back to:
Open graphics.ytd
Insert and in graphics.ytd.

Next go to update/update.rpf/X64/textures/script-txds.rpf( it’s actually underscore not dash but the site won’t allow underscore in text.)
Place CompassHUD.rpf there.
Close OpenIV.

Next navigate to the mod files.
Select one only.
Oval or round.
In each you can also choose between full color or semi-transparent style.

Once you pick your style open folder PUT THESE IN YOUR GTA V MAIN FOLDER
Copy lua.asi and the scripts folder Places into your GTA V main folder.

Compass will automatically load when game starts.



Download mod

File File size

rarOld Time Compass

7 MB