GTA V is one the best games in action and adventure genre and the success of the game speaks for itself. Everything in the game is admirable and kudos to the developing team of the Grand Theft Auto V. Ever since the game was launched third party developers were busy in creating new mods and uncovering the scenes and places that are hidden for the main version of the game.

Although there are numerous mods and every mod has its own specialty. However, the mod which has intrigued me and the GTA V lovers is “open all interiors”. This mod opens up the whole new world of places which were inaccessible in free roam version. Let’s get into the details and discuss the potential and features of the open all interiors mod in GTA V.



  • The mod functionality is sublime as it opens the interior of the huge buildings along with maintaining the graphics and door functionality within that building.
  • Open all interiors mod access the cut interiors as well which were excluded from the original game but are available in the game file.
  • The exclusive mod will mark the location on the map of the restricted buildings and the stores that you can rob. So, you can follow the market to your favorite interior without getting lost in a beautiful city.
  • FBI buildings are also accessible and you can use the elevators to access the 49th floor and burned out portion of the building.
  • For the gamers who are into exploring each and every part of the game, this, open all interiors mod, is heaven. As there are buildings with huge interiors and it was a shame that Rockstar decided to exclude these parts from the original game.
  • There are around 3 buildings in the game that don’t have working doors. But you don’t have to worry for a second because open all interiors mod will teleport you into the building. All you got to do is stand in front of the building and you will get sucked into the building.
  • If you want to record the interior clips with the in-game recorder, you got to have to open Rockstar video editor and start the video project. Make small clips and edit them together. Interior will be perfect. However, if you record the screen directly, the interior part might get blacked out when you view the clips later.
  • There are around 70 locations whose interior is accessible to you because of this perfect mod. So, the thrill of exploring new buildings will last for a while and you can enjoy the maximum enhanced gaming experience.
  • Different and unique locations provide the best opportunity for making the gaming videos, hiding from the police during shootouts, or just explore the game in your leisure time.

If you are a fan of the GTA franchise, then this mod is solely made for you. As much time as we GTA lovers invest in exploring the game, we surely deserve some treat and open all interiors mod is the best thing that could happen for us.


What does it do?:

1. This mod opens up pretty much every interior in the game files with fully functional doors too. In many of the interiors, there are pedestrians inside also!
2. Some interiors which were cut from the game (but still in the game files) are also included!
3. The mod puts a marker at the location of every interior on the map too, as well as the locations of the stores you can rob (all toggleable by pressing F7)!
4. I’ve added 2 working elevators to the FIB building, 1 to the Union Depository and 1 to the Humane Labs, which teleport you to the upper/lower floors of these buildings.

Interiors that are opened:

1. LifeInvader offices
2. Tequi-la-la
3. Sandy Shores sheriff department
4. Paleto Bay sheriff department
5. Lazlow’s stadium
6. Cluckin Bell factory
7. Bahamas Mamas West nightclub (you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
8. Comedy club (you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
9. The O’Neil farmhouse
10. The “Humane Labs”
11. FIB building bottom floors
12. FIB building floor 49 (access through first elevator)
13. FIB building burnt out floors 47 – 53 (access through second elevator)
14. Hospital
15. Epsilon storage room
16. Lester’s sweatshop
17. Jewellery store
18. Building under construction beside jewellery store
19. Lester’s house
20. Franklin’s aunt’s house
21. Janitor’s apartment
22. Foundry
23. Recycling plant
24. Meat packing facility
25. Simeon’s dealership
26. Torture building
27. Morgue ( teleport by standing at the front doors)
28. Madrazo’s ranch (teleport at front doors)
29. Floyd’s house
30. Devin Weston’s chop shop
31. Omega’s lab
32. Paleto Bay bank
33. Union Depository (added in v2)
34. Therapist’s office (added in v2)
35. Motel room (added in v2)
36. High-end GTA Online apartment (added in v2) (at Eclipse Towers)
37. Mid-end GTA Online apartment (added in v2) (at Vespucci Beach)
38. Low-end GTA Online house (added in v2) (at Davis)
39. DLC High-end GTA Online apartment (added in v3) (at Tinsel Towers) (requires Online map enabled)
40. Yacht from GTA Online heists (added in v3) (requires Online map enabled)
41. Aircraft Carrier from GTA Online heists (added in v3) (requires Online map enabled)
42. IAA building office (added in v3)
43. Cinema (added in v3)
44. Solomon’s office (added in v3)
45. Chumash beach house (added in v3)
46. Benny’s Garage (added in v4) (requires Online map enabled)
47. GTA Online Penthouse (added in v4) (requires Online map enabled)
48. GTA Online Stilt House 1 (added in v4) (requires Online map enabled)
49. GTA Online Stilt House 2 (added in v4) (requires Online map enabled)
50. High-end GTA Online garage (added in v4)
51. Mid-end GTA Online garage (added in v4)
52. Low-end GTA Online garage (added in v4)
53. Police mugshot chamber (added in v4) (requires Online map enabled) (accessible through police station)
54. Office (at Maze Bank Tower) (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
55. Small warehouse (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
56. Medium warehouse (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
57. Large warehouse (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
58. The Lost MC clubhouse (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
59. One-storey clubhouse (at Paleto Bay) (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
60. Two-storey clubhouse (at Grapeseed) (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
61. Meth lab (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
62. Counterfeit money factory (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
63. Cocaine lab (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
64. Weed growhouse (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)
65. Document forgery office (glitched) (added in v5) (requires Online map enabled)


How to install:

1. Make sure you have Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookV already installed
2. Download this mod and unzip it
3. Copy and paste OpenInteriors.asi and OpenInteriors.ini to the GTA V directory
4. If you want to change some settings, modify OpenInteriors.ini if you know what you’re doing

Mod instructions:
-Simply go to any interior you want and walk in freely!
-Note: For a few interiors, there are no working doors so you will see a blue marker instead and be prompted to teleport inside!
-You may walk into the elevators in certain buildings to teleport to the top/bottom floors. You will see a blue blip on the map when approaching them.
-Press F7 until you hear a click to disable/enable the interiors and store robbery locations from showing on the map (depending on your .ini file)


  • 1. If you record clips whilst inside some of the interiors with the in-game clip recorder, they might not show up when viewing the clips. To fix this, simply start a video project in the Rockstar Editor, add the clips in manually and edit them (and the interiors should appear now)!
  • 2. Unintended things may happen if you are in a mission, so I’ve disabled the interiors from opening during missions. However there may still be some problems so I recommend you use this mod in free roam only, or after you’ve completed the game.

Download Links:

v5.1 (current):