Download OpenIV Package Creator / OIV 2.0 Creator 1.02 – Screenshots and Description:

OpenIV Package Creator / OIV 2.0 Creator 1.02

Are you annoyed of questions in the comments like “How to install this mod?”?
You don’t have to be anymore!
Now it’s simpler than ever before to install mods, by using the OpenIV package installer 2.0. All you have to do is provide your mods in the .oiv or .zip format and people will easily be able to install your mods

All type of mods are supported! ALL!
You can publish content (rpf) mods and just put your .asi or .dll files into the root folder to publish script mods.

And to make the creation of those special zip archives even easier for you, I created this tool, so you just enter all relevant information and it will generate all necessary files.

This is the first tool ever to create .oiv or .zip archives for the new package installer in OpenIV 2.7 and this project got official support from the OpenIV developers (especially GooD-NTS).

– .NET Framework 4.5 or higher
– OpenIV 2.7 Build 679 or later to install the packages


Version 1.02:
Note: This is an older build, my current build is not ready yet, I had to switch back to Windows Forms, new update coming tomorrow!
– ability to open .oiv files for edit (no files will be loaded, only mod information)
– some crash / bug fixing
– better exception handling

Version 1.01:
– UI changes and improvements
– some bug fixing
– better exception handling

More:  M16 SP1 2.1

Version 1.00:
– Initial release


– Development: Felix Bartling (Reditec)
– Support and Documentation: GooD-NTS

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