Download Orange Vélodrome Marseille – Soccer Stadium 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Orange Vélodrome Marseille - Soccer Stadium 2.0

*GTA V Stade Orange Vélodrome (V2.0 UPDATE) mod by GTA Belgium*

This is an old project getting a massive update.
I present you one of the biggest soccer stadiums in Europe,
from my personal favorite soccer team Olympique Marseille, next to Standard Liège from Belgium.

This stadium’s base model is converted from the game FIFA 16. I had to edit the model a lot, and made a lot of changes to it, before converting it. Now with the new update, I made even more changes, and I did edit the exterior to a more realistic one, based on the real Stade Orange Vélodrome.
All texture are applied by me.
I made some textures and some other textures are found for free on the internet.

I have always been impressed by huge soccer stadiums. Though it’s not like a racetrack in the game where you can drive properly on the road, I think it’s quite enjoyable.
Personally, I’ve been in this stadium twice in real life to watch 2 matches OM – PSG.
It’s more than 1000 kilometers from my home in Belgium but it’s totally worth it.


– Sometimes, there were seagulls flying around inside the stadium. I didn’t know why…
Fixed it by placing the stadium a little higher from the ground level above the sea. Now the seagulls fly under the pitch, so they are not visible.
– During the night, there weren’t any stadium lights back then.
I found out how to properly create huge stadium lights, and now the stadium lights work during night time.

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Now you can also take penalties with this awesome mod: Soccer/Football script (penalty shoot-outs) FIFA 21

Special thanks to:

– arianos10 (tool FIFA 3D Importer/Exporter)
– 3Doomer (tool GIMS EVO)
– Neodymium (tool Metatool)
– indirivacua (tool Cords2YMAP)
– sollaholla (tool Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter)
– Smallo (tool YMAP & YBN Mover)
– GooD-NTS and OpenIV team (OpenIV)
– IgorX (Help on about hashes)
– EA Sports (Base model from FIFA 16)
– Rockstar Games (Base game and standing up against Take Two to save our modding community)


Install the files with OpenIV.
If you can’t work with OpenIV, search for tutorials on youtube,
there are a lot of good tutorials.

– In update/x64/dlcpacks create the folder ‘velodrome’ and paste the dlc.rpf
– In update/update.rpf-common-data edit the file dlclist.xml:
Search for the last ‘dlcpacks:…’ line and and paste this code on a new line after it:

Don’t forget the ‘Item’ tags!
Save. Remember you can always check for XML errors with the latest OpenIV version.



GTA Belgium

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