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P08 Luger [Non-Animated]

Version 1.0 fixes a minor bug, I accidently left a small piece of the gun I replaced sticking out of this one. It was extremely difficult to see but I still wanted to fix it.

An iconic world war era German sidearm, often referred to as a “Nazi Luger”. The P08 is noted for being one of the most powerful and reliable 9mm handguns because it uses a small “toggle action” mechanism for loading rounds as opposed to a large heavy slide. Compared to an average pistol slide the toggle action system wastes very little energy operating loading mechanisms and uses that saved energy to propel projectiles more efficiently, therefore causing more damage. So yeah, basically the Germans found out how to make the 9mm round not weak.

Comes with optional invisible mags in case the position of the vanilla mag gets on your nerves.

Model is from the game Enemy Front.

Installation instructions are included in the readme.



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