Download Paleto Bay Police Department Vehicle Pack [Add-On] [Lore-Friendly] 1.2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Paleto Bay Police Department Vehicle Pack [Add-On] [Lore-Friendly] 1.2.0

“Church, bank, gun store, bar… what more do you need to enjoy life in rural America?”

This pack introduces a new law enforcement agency in the North of San Andreas, the Paleto Bay Police Department.
When you unify corruption, drug money, over-aggressive behavior and underfunding, you get the PBPD. Prepare to get racially profiled by a fat white dude with a receding hairline and basket weave gear.

“Subduing Paleto Bay Since 1898”

Fits well with my other mod:


– Vapid Stanier [pbpolice]
– Declasse Alamo [pbpolice2]
– Bravado Buffalo S/C [pbpolice3]
– Vapid Caracara 4×4 [pbpolice4]
– Vapid Scout [pbpolice5]


– HQ Textures
– Cages
– LX 2100 Lightbars / Fortitude Lightbar
– Pushbars with custom lights / wraparounds
– Sergeant and K-9 Unit liveries
– LODs
– Custom sounds and handling
– Templates


– Added wraparounds for the Alamo
– Fixed glass / cage rendering
– Fixed carcols
– Fixed Scout audio

– Added improved Stanier / Alamo
– Added Scout
– Added trunk equipment for Buffalo S/C
– Added HQ Textures for Alamo and Scout
– Fixed minor bugs


IlayArye – Alamo / Mapping
Voit Turyv – Buffalo S/C / Pushbars
Bozza – Caracara 4×4
MrKote – Caracara 4×4
Jacobmaate – Lightbars
Fenton – Mapped and improved Stanier
11john11 – Further improved Stanier / Scout
Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model / ANPR
Vx5 Voltage – Scout / Police toughbook model / Police console model
Nachtfliege – Liveries / Modifications & Finetuning
My Girlfriend – Mt. Chiliad Decals

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