Download Paleto Township Police Uniform (EUP) 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Paleto Township Police Uniform (EUP) 1.0

I wanted to make this because I noticed there were no updated Paleto Bay police uniforms, so I created my own.
This is just a simple modification to include a small town department’s uniform.
Included is the uniform itself and a badge. Also, you will need OpenIV in order to install, but I figure that is a given.
(EUP IS REQUIRED…….. I mean it’s in the name, so you know, you need it.)

(uniform install path)


Open up the jbib_diff_014_p_uni ytd file and import my file in its place. My file will replace the retro bcso unifom, so if you want to keep that outfit, rename my file to replace a different uniform.

(badge install path)

Open up the hand_diff_002_b_uni ytd file and import my file. This will replace the second texture for the bcso badge, so if you want to keep that, consider replacing a different one.

Instructions are in the “README” as well in case you forget.

NOTE! If your uniform looks grainy, import it with the A8R8G8B8 pixel format.


EUP Team: The original uniform design this is based on.
Rockstar Games: Making an epic game.
OfficerGerman: The mod itself. (The patches you see on the uniform and the badge.)

Download mod

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