Brought you by the GTA Online Import/Export Update and Families’ Parachute Stunt Team: The Parachute for All Vehicles mod.

If you know the Imponte Ruiner 2000, you may recognize that it has the ability to deploy parachute mid-air. Yup. But with this mod, it’s not only the Ruiner 2000 that has the ability. Now civilian vehicles can also have that too. So it means, you no longer have to own the Imponte Ruiner 2000 to try free-falling in a car, you can just simply get your own ride and try it.

Parachute for All Civilian Vehicles [Update 2] - 4

Parachute is available for all vehicles, except:
– Large size vehicles, example, the Liberator, Marshall Monster Truck, Police Riot, etc.
– Commercial/Service vehicles, example, Airtug, Rumpo, Speedo, etc.
– Emergency Vehicles (except Police vehicles)
– All motorcycles
– All boats
– All helicopters
– All planes

Best done with these mods:

– Some cars have bugged parachute position. This is because it’s still using the SecuroServ Parachute which was destined for the Ruiner 2000.
– Parachute will stay in the vehicle until the vehicle vanishes from the screen.
– Pirate versions ARE NOT SUPPORTED.


Parachute for All Civilian Vehicles [Update 2] - 1

Parachute for All Civilian Vehicles [Update 2] - 2

Parachute for All Civilian Vehicles [Update 2] - 3

Parachute for All Civilian Vehicles [Update 2] - 5

How To Install 

1. Make backups of all vehicles.meta in all DLC packs.
2. Open the ‘All cars got a damn parachute’ folder
3. There are 34 different folders containing vehicles.meta for different DLC packs. Instructions for how to install are inside the said folders.
4. Start the game, go airborne and hold SPACE (or any button that was assigned to deploy Ruiner 2000 parachute) to activate parachute.

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