This content is a post about parkour animations, specifically a pack of mixamo parkour animations that includes 10 different animations. The post provides instructions on how to install the animations for single player use, and also includes a preview video. The animations can be played using Menyoo, but the names of the animations need to be added to the animation list beforehand. The post also credits BoringNeptune for the animations. The mod file size is 268 KB.

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Parkour animations

Parkour animations

A pack of mixamo parkour animations ( included 10 animations). video preview :

installing for single player: put in ycd file any rpf archive with animations, for example GTAVmodsx64c.rpfanimingame , after that you can play the animations by using Menyoo (don’t forget to add the name of the animations to the animation list beforehand)

animation list (you need add this lines in GTAVmenyooStuff PedAnimList.txt) :

[email protected] big_jump_01
[email protected] front_twist_flip
[email protected] jump_over_01
[email protected] jump_over_02
[email protected] slide_kip_up
[email protected] jump_over_03
[email protected] slide_backside
[email protected] slide
[email protected] swing_jump
[email protected] wall_flip



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Table Parkour animations Mod is a mod that adds new parkour animations to Minecraft, allowing players to perform dynamic and realistic parkour movements. Here are five other similar mods that you can compare it with:

1. Smart Moving Mod: This mod adds a variety of new movement options to Minecraft, including climbing, crawling, and diving. While it doesn’t focus specifically on parkour, it provides a more immersive and realistic movement experience overall.

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2. Better Sprinting Mod: This mod enhances the sprinting mechanic in Minecraft, allowing players to sprint faster and for longer durations. It also adds various customizable options, such as toggle sprint mode and visual indicators for sprinting.

3. Slime Boots Mod: This mod introduces slime boots to the game, which enable players to bounce and jump higher, making parkour movements more feasible. While it doesn’t provide new animations specifically, it enhances the parkour experience by altering the player’s abilities.

4. Super Parkour Mod: This mod specializes in improving the existing parkour mechanics in Minecraft. It introduces new parkour blocks, challenges, and mechanics like wall jumps and mid-air dashes. Players can engage in dedicated parkour courses and compete for the fastest times.

5. Custom NPCs Mod: While not directly focused on parkour, this mod allows players to create and customize their own non-player characters (NPCs) in Minecraft. Players can design NPCs that can perform parkour animations, creating custom parkour challenges or interacting with the player in dynamic ways.

Overall, while Table Parkour animations Mod provides unique animations specifically tailored for parkour movements, the other mods mentioned offer various enhancements and features that contribute to the overall parkour experience in Minecraft.
Parkour animations
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