Download Party beach (XML) 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Party beach (XML) 1.0

The map I made is my first map so please forgive me for imperfections the map will be improved to 5.0 and at this time I will work on making a house or interior ??

How to install:
1 – install Map Editor.
2 – Extract “party beach (1.0)” to GTA V folder.
3 – In game, press F7 and go to LOAD MAP.
4 – Select “search in files” or something like thatand look for “party beach (1.0) and click enter

1.The file has a map of the beach party
2.Any problem or error please report to me on PV because unfortunately such errors may have appeared because this is my first job

Everything that will change will be planned, I have plans to make a home in a mirror park and add something to open interiors. My main plan is to create a few interiors and I hope I can do it ??



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